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A Homeopathic Primer

Keywords: homeopathy, history, skepticamp

Skeptic groups worldwide are gearing up for the 10:23 protest on Saturday, and those of us in Winnipeg are looking forward to our warmest weekend in quite some time.

I've procured some Boiron "hypericum perforatum" (St. John's Wort) at 30C, which (I am told) will heal puncture wounds, bruises, and crushed fingers—not only that, but it prevents lockjaw! No tetanus vaccine required! As tempting as it is to smash my hand with both sides of a hammer before downing the bottle, I think that I'll err on the side of caution, in case the tablets aren't quite as efficacious as claimed.

While we were polishing off our preparations, it occurred to me that not everyone is familiar with what homeopathy actually is. It's just natural medicine, right? Nope!

If you don't know much about homeopathy, or you need a refresher, check out this talk that I presented on the history and practice of homeopathy at SkeptiCamp Winnipeg last year.

If you're not big on video, the text of the presentation (with references) can be found at the Winnipeg Skeptics blog or at Startled Disbelief.

Enjoy your weekend, everyone!

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